Le bonheur c’est comme la contrebasse c’est quand il s’arrête qu’on l’entend. (yann,Emeck,david,julien)

Fermeture des Marcheurs Samedi 20 ( on vide les fûts, on mange des huîtres)

Réouverture Mardi 06/01/2015!

Nous sommes ouverts tous les dimanches  midi et soir jusqu’au 29/03/15.

Hello good people of France.  I am very pleased to announce the release of my first solo piano record « Early Sunday Morning »  on Challenge Records  www.challengerecords.com

To celebrate we are doing a little showcase at the greatest bar on earth: Les Marcheurs De Planetewww.lesmarcheursdeplanete.com this Sunday June 8th at 15:00.  Its a private event but the bar will be open for drinks, I’d love to share this music with you if you’re around on a Sunday afternoon.   I’m playing this show with two of my favorite musicians, Karsten Hopchapfel on guitar and Chris Jennings on bass.  We’ll be playing mostly music that I’ve written since I arrived here in France.

There is a 10 euro suggested donation for the show and I’ll be selling copies of the new record as well.

Much love,


La corse aux marcheurs pendant 15 jours!